Types of Depression and Mood Disorders

7 Apr by HPA/LiveWell Clinical Psychology

Moods. We’ve all had them–sometimes they are predictable, sometimes they are not, but when we experience a certain mood, it is usually a very strong emotion. With respect to mental health, “mood” is used to describe an ongoing, persistent emotion such as sadness or anger, and when these emotions remain for a long period of time, a person may be experiencing a “mood disorder,” which is a type of depression.

In the greater Albany, NY area, specialists at HPA/LiveWell can help you understand and treat the different types of depression and mood disorders.

Here is a list of mood disorders with related symptoms:

  • Major depressive disorder – a type of depression with a variety of symptoms such as loss of pleasure in normal activities, sleeping too much or not enough, eating too much or not enough, lack of motivation, and self-criticism.
  • Bipolar depression – this type of depression can involve extreme shifts in emotions, from feeling very happy with a lot of energy (known as “mania”) to feeling very down and extremely sad.
  • Persistent depressive disorder – ongoing feelings of sadness (that can feel never ending) and feelings of emptiness are common in this type of depression.

Each of these types of depression and mood disorders can also involve feelings of suicide, feelings not to be taken lightly. Additionally, these types of depression can link to other mental health concerns such as depression conduct disorder and depression eating disorders. Click here to learn more about depression and mood disorders, and how HPA/LiveWell approaches treatment.

At HPA/LiveWell in Albany, NY our clinicians are able to treat mood disorders and address your concerns with compassion and understanding. We focus on your individual needs and can develop a plan to help you feel well again. Call 518-218-1188 to speak with a Case Manager today!