Telehealth Safety and Security
1 Sep by HPA/LiveWell Mental Health Services

The growth of telehealth has revolutionized the way mental health services are delivered. They provide convenient and accessible options for therapy sessions. You are likely curious about the efficacy of telehealth safety and security. At HPA/Livewell, in Albany, NY our therapists prioritize the privacy of our clients, and we understand the importance of addressing any concerns our patients may have related to telehealth safety. Below, we are going to highlight the safety measures and secure platforms that ensure confidentiality and protect your personal information. 

Telehealth Confidentiality and Privacy

Privacy and confidentiality are paramount in therapy, whether it’s in-person or through a telehealth therapy session. We understand the importance of remote healthcare privacy, and ensure that safe business practices are at the forefront of all of our virtual therapy sessions. HPA/Livewell takes care to ensure our telehealth sessions are as private as our in-person appointments. Just like our in-person therapy sessions, our therapists adhere to strict professional ethics and legal requirements to protect your personal information. 

HIPAA Compliance in Telehealth

In the United States, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets strict standards for the protection of sensitive health information. Our team of administrative professionals and therapists practice HIPAA compliant telehealth, as the safety of your information is placed at the forefront of their work. HPA/Livewell is particularly careful to adhere to HIPAA guidelines, ensuring that all telehealth platforms we use are fully compliant. This means that your personal health information is handled with the utmost care and protected from unauthorized access. It is our responsibility to ensure that your sensitive information remains secure, so we prioritize your privacy and maintain strict confidentiality during and after your treatment. 

Secure Telehealth Platforms

Our therapists use secure and HIPAA-compliant telehealth platforms designed specifically for remote therapy sessions. These platforms are built to maintain confidentiality and strict security of your sessions. They incorporate industry-standard encryption protocols to safeguard the transmission of data between you and your therapist. By leveraging these secure platforms, HPA/Livewell can deliver therapy services, so you can be confident that your privacy and security are protected.

Informed Consent and Digital Communication

Before engaging in virtual therapy sessions, HPA/Livewell obtains your informed consent, which includes discussing the benefits of telehealth, as well as limitations and potential risks associated. We are sure to inform you on how your personal information is stored, how the platforms protect your data, and the steps taken to ensure your confidentiality. This process allows you to make an informed decision about participating in telehealth, provides an opportunity to address any concerns you may have, and instills confidence that telehealth solutions are the right choice for you and your treatment process. 

Provider Verification and Licensing

As a therapy office based in Albany, New York, HPA/Livewell all our therapists and dietitians are licensed professionals who meet all the necessary qualifications and certifications to practice in New York. This verification extends to telehealth, ensuring that our team adheres to all legal and ethical guidelines that apply to both in-person and telehealth therapy sessions.

As healthcare providers move towards telehealth solutions, it is natural for users to be curious about the efficacy of telehealth safety and security. Telehealth is a safe option for receiving virtual therapy services, bringing the support you need directly to the comfort of your own space. HPA/Livewell understands and prioritizes the confidentiality of your personal information during our remote therapy sessions. By using HIPAA-compliant platforms, maintaining confidentiality, and prioritizing your privacy, we ensure you can conduct your therapy sessions from your own space with peace of mind that your information is kept safe. Should you have any further concerns or questions about telehealth, or are looking for a telehealth therapist near Albany, NY, call 518-218-1188 to reach out to HPA/Livewell or learn more about our Intensive Outpatient Program. Our dedicated team is here to address them and provide you with the care you deserve.

With our new online therapy capabilities, HPA/LiveWell can now offer mental health services to anyone within not only the Capital Region, the Hudson Valley region – Poughkeepsie, Rhinebeck, Newburgh, White Plains, Kingston, and surrounding New York cities, but we can offer mental health services and eating disorder treatment to anyone throughout New York state.