May is Mental Health Awareness Month: Get Involved

7 May by HPA/LiveWell Clinical Psychology

One out of every five people in America is affected by mental illness. While some are well supported and seek treatment, the vast majority of people do not.  A lack of knowledge about treatment options, compounded with the stigma around mental health contributes to why so many do not seek help. At HPA/LiveWell in Albany, New York, we join the efforts of Mental Health Awareness Month to provide education to the public and mental health services to those in need.

Mental Health Awareness Month

In the United States, Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed each May since 1949. The National Association for Mental Health (now known as Mental Health America) created Mental Health Awareness Month as a way to raise awareness through educating the public about mental health issues and treatment options and approaches. Through education, Mental Health Awareness Month aims to decrease the misconceptions and stigma so often associated with mental health problems.

How to Get Involved

  • Share your experience – talk to others about your own story as it relates to mental health. Anything you can share in regard to how mental illness has impacted you, or access to treatment services and care can have a meaningful effect.
  • Donate – a monetary donation is an easy and impactful way to get involved in Mental Health Awareness Month. There are many options when it comes to donating (i.e. – making a one-time donation, donating in memory of a loved one or friend), and any amount, no matter how small, makes a difference.
  • Volunteer – another way to get involved in Mental Health Awareness Month is through donating your time. There are various ways to volunteer (i.e. – community outreach, assisting at mental health events, office work, etc.). Contact your local mental health network to find out about ways you can donate your time.
  • Start a fundraising campaign – spread the word about Mental Health Awareness Month and encourage friends, family, colleagues, and community members to donate to the cause.
  • Post on social media – social media is a great way to reach large amounts of people at the same time. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. about Mental Health Awareness Month, your experience with mental illness, or how you have been affected by mental health disorders.
  • Attend an event – the more people join together for a like-minded cause, the more attention that cause can receive. And during the month of May, there are many mental health related events available. Whether a benefit, conference, or lecture, find out what your community is offering, and attend.

To learn more about Mental Health Awareness Month, or to find out about our services, contact HPA/LiveWell at 818-218-1188.