Eating Disorders in College Students

Treatment for Eating Disorders in College Students

Get virtual eating disorder treatment anywhere in New York without missing out on college life.

You want to get help to overcome your eating disorder. But if you’re a college student, you may think getting treatment will take away your ability to concentrate on your studies. 

What if we told you treatment for eating disorders in college students could be brought to you, no matter where you’re located within New York state?

You don’t have to choose between focusing on school and getting the help you need for disordered eating. At HPA/Livewell, we can work with colleges and universities throughout New York to deliver safe and effective treatment through our virtual eating disorder Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Together, we can help you build the confidence and support needed to overcome your disordered eating behaviors. And you won't have to miss out on extracurricular activities, time with friends, or your studies. 

What to Expect From Our Virtual Eating Disorder Treatment Program

When you enroll in our eating disorder IOP, you get the convenience of an outpatient schedule with the structure and accountability you need.

You’ll gain the support and tools you need to recover from disordered eating without disrupting your daily life and college responsibilities.

This IOP is designed to successfully treat eating disorders in college students. Our proven-effective program includes:

  • 16 Hours of Treatment Per Week
    Broken up into four hours, four days per week, our programs can work around class and sports schedules.
  • Group Support
    You’ll join fellow college students in private HIPAA-compliant video group meetings. Connecting with others going through similar struggles allows you to gain valuable support, understanding, and accountability.
  • Experienced Clinicians
    At HPALiveWell, we have an extensive team of eating disorder specialists. Our experienced staff includes social workers, mental health counselors, psychologists, and dieticians.Your clinical team provides you with an individualized eating disorder treatment program in New York that is effective and backed by substantial research.
  • Customized Treatment Plan
    Your journey to recovery isn’t going to look exactly like everyone else’s. We understand that your individual needs, experiences, and eating challenges are specific to you alone. That’s why we ensure the treatment plan in our IOP for eating disorders is crafted to fit your schedule and needs.How long you are in this program is up to you. Whether you need a few weeks or several months to overcome disordered eating, we’ll be with you every step of the way.
  • Accommodations For a Safe Space to Heal
    To ensure your privacy and comfort while overcoming eating disorders in college students, we will work with your school to ensure you have a safe, quiet, and private space for treatment.You’ll engage with your clinical treatment team, case manager, and peer participants in this safe space, free from all distractions.
  • Individual Counseling
    You’ll meet with one of our experienced clinicians during your IOP for eating disorder program. During these sessions, you’ll discuss and process your group therapy sessions. You'll get into deeper issues affected by your eating disorder, such as relationships and communication.

How Our College IOP for Eating Disorders Can Help You Recover

Our goal in this program is to eliminate eating disorders in college students like you. We’ll arm you with the tools, strategies, and support you need to beat disordered eating. At HPALiveWell, we use only research-backed treatment methods proven to do just that.

Your individualized virtual eating disorder treatment program may include any of the following approaches:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
    This approach helps you change your feelings and thoughts about eating, body image, and food. You’ll learn healthy coping skills and how to redirect your negative thought patterns with your clinician.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
    Using DBT, you’ll learn how to practice mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness skills.
  • Motivational Interviewing
    You’ll work with our therapists to identify and achieve specific goals on your recovery journey. Motivational interviewing allows you to develop the internal motivation you need to help you genuinely see that recovery is possible.
  • Exposure & Response Therapy (ERP)
    If you deal with anxiety along with disordered eating, ERP can address and treat it effectively.
  • Nutritional Counseling
    To successfully treat eating disorders in college students, we understand the value of providing exceptional nutritional counseling. Your IOP includes help from our team of registered dietitians who will monitor your progress and develop the proper meal plan to get your health back on track.
  • Family-Based Treatment (FBT)
    Family is a crucial support system on your recovery journey. FBT helps your family learn how to provide supportive meals for you and handle your emotional distress around eating.

Steps to Receiving College Eating Disorder Treatment in New York

Initial Evaluation

Work Toward Recovery

You don’t have to choose between recovery and your academics.
You can achieve both with our college IOP for eating disorders.


Attention College Administrators: What Are You Doing to Help Your Students Struggling With Eating Disorders?

Thousands of college students and college athletes struggle with eating disorders. But they’re worried they’ll have to give up their academics or sports to get the help they so desperately need. Not to mention, they don’t know where to go for help.

By working with us at HPA/LiveWell, you can provide eating disorder treatment for college athletes and students while allowing them to continue their education and athletic training.

Help for Eating Disorders in College Students is Needed, Even If You Don’t See It

Eating disorders in college students are “diseases of isolation.”  That means because your students are isolating themselves from others to disguise their symptoms, you may not even realize the overwhelming need on your campus.

Trust us. There is a need.

As a college administrator, you understand the importance of your student's mental health. And when they battle disordered eating, their cognitive function becomes impaired, resulting in lower academic performance.

They need your help.

Together, we can reach students and college athletes with eating disorders and successfully get them through their struggles.

What You’ll Get

You'll get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping your students. But you also get actionable tools and support from our eating disorder specialists at HPA/LiveWell.

  • We’ll provide the support and education you need to help you with early detection and interventions of eating disorders.
  • We’ll bill the students’ insurance directly at no cost to your institution.
  • We’ll help you determine appropriate accommodations for confidential and safe spaces for your students to receive treatment from our team of licensed clinicians.
  • We’ll collaborate with you and the school medical and counseling centers to ensure each student has what they need to be successful.

Are You Ready to Provide a Safe Space for Treating Eating Disorders in College Students on Your Campus?

Partnering with HPA/LiveWell to offer the best virtual eating disorder treatment in New York is easy. To make a formal affiliation agreement or find out more, please contact our IOP Program Coordinator at programcoordinator@albanyhpa.com

Don’t let your students suffer in silence. Recovery is possible. And you can help.