Eating Disorder Treatment

Recovery from your eating disorder is possible.

Get a higher level of care and structure in our LiveWell eating disorder treatment program offered in Albany, NY

We believe you should battle your eating disorder, but you shouldn’t battle it alone! Here at HPA/LiveWell, we’ve created the LiveWell program, which is an intensive outpatient eating disorder treatment program dedicated to treating patients with eating disorders as well as their families.

Our program takes a comprehensive approach, which incorporates individual counseling, family counseling, group therapy, and nutritional counseling. Your treatment team will consist of qualified, caring professionals who work directly with you, guiding you to recovery.

Why is the LiveWell program so effective when it comes to treating eating disorders?

Here’s a key reason the LiveWell program for treating eating disorders is so effective: This intensive outpatient treatment program has been specifically created to combat all types of eating disorders. “Intensive outpatient” means patients remain in their environments and maintain their normal routines while undergoing a highly structured treatment program to treat the eating disorder.

In our LiveWell intensive outpatient treatment program, you stay where you are.

You live in your own home, go to school or work as normal, and participate in your real-life activities. This treatment approach helps you adapt to the unique situations you face in your everyday life while battling your eating disorder. We have found that this approach is much less disruptive than going away to an inpatient program in another community, which involves stepping outside of your real life and living elsewhere for a time.

The LiveWell intensive outpatient program offers a higher level of care for patients who require a highly structured approach in order to make sustained change. The only program of its kind in Albany, New York, this eating disorder treatment program provides a more structured approach than typical outpatient psychotherapy. Plus, it provides a “step-down” for patients who are returning home from inpatient treatment.

Our LiveWell treatment program is personalized to suit your individual needs.

While the LiveWell program’s structure remains constant for patients – four hours of treatment a day, four days a week – each patient’s treatment program is customized to meet that person’s individual needs. This treatment program uses cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, interpersonal therapy and exposure therapy to empower patients to change how they think and feel about food, eating and body image while providing strategies to transform self-defeating thought patterns.

Each patient is encouraged to see our dietician regularly to ensure that his or her diet is gradually adjusted to a healthy pattern. If necessary, refeeding can be introduced at a pace that suits the individual’s needs. This comprehensive program incorporates a combination of individual counseling, family counseling, group therapy and nutritional counseling – all focused on helping you take control of your health and wellbeing.

In our LiveWell eating disorders program, you’ll get the support, knowledge and tools for recovery.

Here at HPA/LiveWell, in Albany NY, we use the most current therapeutic techniques to treat eating disorders. Each treatment is as individual as each patient. In fact, we often tell our patients, “We’ll work as hard as you do to change your eating disorder.”

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