Eating Disorder Group Therapy

You’re Not Alone

Connecting with a group designed to treat eating disorders allows you to speak openly, often for the very first time. Group therapy allows you to see you’re not alone. You build genuine, powerful connections with peers going through similar struggles. Sharing your story and experiences opens pathways to connection and dialogue with others navigating a similar path. Group discussions center around challenges and barriers to recovery while offering peer-to-peer accountability.

The Benefit of Connection

Loneliness and isolation travel in tandem alongside an eating disorder. It may be the isolation keeping you stuck. You may feel no one understands what you’re going through. But group therapy challenges that. Listening to others’ experiences and sharing your own can be a powerful way to consider your thought patterns from a different perspective.

As you build connections in eating disorder group therapy, you build trust in your peers, your treatment team, and your support network. Most importantly, group therapy allows you to process and share your own story, regain your voice, and learn to trust the process.

Eating disorder group therapy helps diminish feelings of loneliness and isolation often accompanying an eating disorder. A genuine, trusted source of support, encouragement, and accountability grows when you attend group therapy regularly.

Eating Disorder Group Therapy: How It Helps

Beyond connecting with group members, there are therapeutic benefits to eating disorder group therapy.

  • Connection: Connecting with others going through similar struggles and navigating the same path to recovery is powerful. Genuine connection is built from mutual respect, understanding, and trust. Group therapy is a safe space to share your struggles without feeling judged.
  • Understanding: It can be challenging to see your struggles through the same lens as others. In eating disorder group therapy, because others share their own stories, you can see what they’re going through from an outside perspective.
  • Encouragement: The group dynamics support an environment of genuine encouragement. Our group clinician(s) know every win matters; the big ones and little ones. Peer accountability and encouragement toward recovery are very powerful.
  • Security: Group therapy allows you to challenge yourself to share openly, listen with an ear for change, and create a safe space built on respect, understanding, and trust.

Eating Disorder Group Therapy: What to Expect

We offer a variety of group therapy options for eating disorders at HPA/LiveWell. Group therapy can be the treatment of choice for many people struggling with disordered eating thanks to the community of support present in eating disorder group therapy.

At HPA/LiveWell, we practice patient-driven therapy. Your personal treatment plan is designed with your individual needs and goals in mind. Regardless of which group you attend, you’ll get encouraging support from our team of clinicians as well as others working toward wellness and recovery.

Eating Disorder Group Therapy Structure

Our eating disorder therapy groups connect people with similar recovery goals based on age, life experiences, and current challenges.

  • Each group typically contains between 10 and 12 people in each session.
  • You may be in a group with both males and females.
  • All eating disorder group therapy activities at HPA/LiveWell promote peer-to-peer connection and relatability.

Our outpatient eating disorder group therapy services include:

  • Binge Eating Disorder Group: This is a cognitive behavioral group providing support to those with binge eating disorders. This group meets Tuesdays at 5:30 pm.
  • Teen Eating Disorder (TED) Group: Teens share and work through their struggles with the guidance of our experienced eating disorder therapists. Peer-to-peer support within this age group can have a significant impact on motivating teens. TED Group meets Thursdays at 5:30 pm.
  • Outpatient Eating Disorder (OED) Group: LiveWell’s Outpatient Eating Disorder group is for those stepping down from IOP or require adjunctive group therapy to complement their ongoing work with an individual therapist. This group meets Tuesdays @ 5:00 pm.

You’re Not Alone

You didn’t choose to have an eating disorder.

HPA/LiveWell’s eating disorder group therapy creates a safe space to share individual struggles and wins with others who truly “get it”. Together, you’ll build the hope, understanding, and encouragement needed to continue toward recovery.

Seeking treatment for your eating disorder is the first step to regain the quality of life you deserve. Don’t wait. Take the first step toward recovery today at HPA/LiveWell.