Benefits of Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

4 Apr by HPA/LiveWell Eating Disorder Treatment

For those who experience the pain and anguish of an eating disorder, treatment may require more focused involvement; one option for treatment is an Intensive Outpatient Program (or IOP). What is an IOP? An IOP is an alternative to residential eating disorder treatment; in this setting, participants are able to live in their community (instead of living on site) and receive specialized treatment for an eating disorder.

Outpatient eating disorder treatment in Albany and Pougkeepsie, NY is available at HPA/LiveWell, where a supportive, compassionate atmosphere can lead to recovery. Services are tailored to each individual, and include individual and group counseling, family counseling, and help related to diet and nutrition.

Here are some of the many benefits of outpatient eating disorder treatment:

  • Participants have the benefit of receiving treatment and care in their community, near their sources of support—this can lower anxiety a great deal, and allow participants to be more “present” during their treatment.
  • Participants are able to recover in a familiar area—the same area where they will live a life of recovery.
  • Family involvement is easier since geographical limitations are reduced.
  • The sense of “hitting the pause button” in life is removed in an IOP setting: life is not put on hold as part of recovery.
  • Because “the pause button” is not in play, participants keep their purpose in life, and this purpose helps with motivation because recovery is occurring in real time and in real life.
  • IOP costs are less than the cost of attending a residential treatment center.
  • The focus in an IOP setting is on the work—this is not a resort or spa setting (often a feature of residential treatment settings).
  • Goals are set based on individual needs and care is results driven.

At HPA/LiveWell, our outpatient eating disorder treatment program (IOP) has kept over 90% of our participants out of a residential setting—before receiving this treatment at HPA/LiveWell, over 50% of our IOP participants required residential treatment (and 45% of those participants required multiple residential admissions).

We have a demonstrated record of providing the most effective outpatient treatment for eating disorders—you can learn more about our program here.

To start your path to recovery, call us today. Our eating disorder treatment specialists at HPA/LiveWell in Albany and Pougkeepsie, NY can assist you in moving forward and living a transformed life!