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Four Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Stress is undeniably a part of life; all people will experience it at some point in time. However, stress, particularly ongoing stress, can have a widespread and damaging impact on a person’s wellbeing. When stress becomes severe enough, the symptoms are often considered mental health disorders. People who struggle with stress may notice their physical […]

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The Importance of Eating Disorder Treatment

Acute Eating Disorders are varied but have one thing in common: The sufferer is past the point of being able to control eating disordered behaviors on their own. Such disorders include a range of conditions that involve an unhealthy and life-threatening obsession related to food, physical appearance and weight. Often developed as a mechanism for […]

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Life After Treatment for Anorexia

Living with anorexia is a life-long struggle. While it is possible, with treatment, to overcome anorexia nervosa to some extent and focus on being physically and mentally healthy, some physical and emotional after effects will continue. Getting treatment boosts patients’ ability to work towards recovery and transition back to a normal life, but rarely is […]