Albany Business Review Recognizes Dr. Julie Morison

5 May by HPA/LiveWell Clinical Psychology, COVID 19

Dr. Julie Morison: 2020 Empire Whole Health Heroes

Albany Business Review has named Dr. Morison as one of their 2020 Empire Whole Health Heroes.

The following is their write-up on her achievements in 2020.

As the height of the first wave of the pandemic approached, Dr. Julie Morison began working with insurance companies and technology providers so she could provide a seamless transition to virtual visits. Dr. Morison completely transformed her practice in less than a week to ensure patients have access to care at any time when needed and making appointments within a short time frame as patients experienced increased mental health obstacles throughout quarantine.

Dr. Morison put mental health needs at the forefront of the pandemic. While COVID-19 patients experience the physiological struggles of the disease, Dr. Morison made sure those struggling with anxiety and other mental health disorders during quarantine received help.

She collaborated with her team of over twenty clinicians to make sure patients continued to receive the same care they had in-person. The practice also made a significant investment in the technology needed to make the conversion to telehealth. The practice provided 3,500 hours of care throughout the state-mandated quarantine and has opened its services to a state-wide level, allowing individuals in remote locations to access telehealth services.

What has been your biggest “lesson learned” from managing your practice through COVID-19? Has this changed how you’ll provide care post-pandemic?

Morison: In a mere 72 hours, we shifted our entire behavioral health practice and intensive outpatient program (IOP) to a virtual environment. The most powerful lesson learned is that “team work” is essential to survive in the telehealth world. Virtual has allowed us to grow as a teaching practice by welcoming clinical interns and experienced clinicians. The pandemic has affirmed that our core principles to treat each person with respect, trust and encouragement extend beyond our patients to our entire staff.