School Presentations: Eating Disorders

Help us combat mental health issues and eating disorders through education.

One of the most effective ways to combat eating disorders and other mental health issues is to educate the community. That’s why HPA/LiveWell participates in teaching days at local high schools and colleges in the capital region, often with a focus on eating disorder education.

What we teach Albany-area students:

Our team presents information that helps students, teachers and school staff members better identify and understand various mental health concerns. Our goal is to discuss these issues openly and clearly – and remove the stigma. Plus, we offer support and encouragement to sufferers in the hope they will take a first step toward treatment.

Our presentation topics include eating disorders, anxiety, ADHD, grief, body image and bullying. We can schedule events during the school day or after hours for groups of varying size.

Why do we believe school presentations are so important?

At HPA/LiveWell – located in Albany, New York – we firmly believe education is the key to better mental health. A critical first step is educating the young people in our community. Through our eating disorder educational programs, students learn about mental illnesses, how to identify disorders in themselves and others, how to get help for themselves and how to encourage others to seek help.

Unfortunately, mental illness continues to be stigmatized. We can help remove that stigma by teaching young people, their families and educators about metal illness and eating disorders – and reassure them that help is available.

Our staff presenters always field questions from participants who seek more information. If requested, we also provide contact information for additional follow up.

Schedule an educational program at your Albany-area school.

To schedule a presentation at your school on eating disorders or other mental health issues – presented by an HPA/LiveWell clinician – contact our office at 518-218-1188.

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Schedule a presentation at your school on eating disorders or other mental health issues.

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