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HPA/LiveWell has helped me to maintain and cope with real life while also being in treatment.

I realized that if I was going to recover, I needed to do it where I was going to live my recovered life.

HPA/LiveWell has allowed me to continue in my life while providing me the support and encouragement I need to continue in my recovery.

The HPA/LiveWell office is a very warm and inviting atmosphere.

At HPA/LiveWell, I received helpful treatment for my illness.

I felt very safe in the HPA/LiveWell environment.

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ADHD Awareness Month: Types of ADHD

ADHD Awareness Month is celebrated every October, to bring increased attention, education, and access to services to the public. At HPA/LiveWell in Albany, New York, we join the efforts of ADHD Awareness Month to promote this very important cause and to...

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Suicide Prevention Week: September 10 – 16, 2017

Each year, over 800,000 people commit suicide, and even more make an attempt. Because suicide is such a widespread issue and affects so many people, the week of September 10-16th has been deemed Suicide Prevention Week. Suicide Prevention Week At...

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Myths About Depression

Despite the fact depression affects 10% of people in this country, there remains a significant amount of misinformation and myths about depression.

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