The only eating disorders intensive treatment program in the Capital District.

Bridging the Gap in Poughkeepsie

HPA/LiveWell offers eating disorder treatment for the Poughkeepsie and Mid-Hudson region

Eating Disorder Treatment That Works

95% of our patients are able to be treated without needing a higher level of care.

Mental Health Services

Caring for patients while keeping them close to home.

Located in Albany and Poughkeepsie, New York, we offer a wide range of mental health services.

Every person is unique. That’s why we begin with a thorough assessment, then develop a customized, team approach to address your individual needs using proven therapies. Our professional staff members provide a full range of mental health services with areas of specialty including but not limited to eating disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and trauma as well as ADHD.

Specifically designed to treat eating disorders, our LiveWell program has an impressive track record.

Our LiveWell program – an intensive outpatient treatment program – offers a highly individualized approach to address every aspect of the patient’s eating disorder. Intensive outpatient therapy allows you to remain here in the Capital Region, living at home and going to work or school, while in treatment at HPA/LiveWell – instead of needing to go away from home and stay in a facility. Our approach is particularly effective because you meet your illness head-on, where you live and with the support of family and friends.

Take control now; let us help you achieve recovery and wellness.

If you or a loved one is facing a mental illness, you don’t have to face it alone. At HPA/LiveWell, we treat a wide variety of psychological issues using the latest, proven treatments. Our shared goal is for you to achieve wellness.

Partners with the Comprehensive Care Center for Eating Disorders

Partners with the Comprehensive Care Center for Eating DisordersHPA/LiveWell works in collaboration with the Comprehensive Care Center for Eating Disorders of Northeastern New York, at Albany Medical College. The mission of the center is to serve those individuals affected by the complex issues associated with eating disorders by providing expert treatment and a seamless continuum of care so that each individual is given the opportunity to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

Don’t spend another day battling your illness alone.

Call us at 518-218-1188. And please don’t wait.

Don’t Face Your Illness Alone

Intensive Treatment

HPA/LiveWell offers the only eating disorders intensive treatment center in the Capital District area. 

Comfortable Environment

A key piece of recovery is being at ease with your provider; HPA/LiveWell offers comprehensive care in a comfortable environment.

Close to Home

HPA/LiveWell is located in Albany, allowing us to to care for our Capital District patients while keeping them close to home.

What is Bulimia: Bulimia Symptoms

Bulimia is a serious disease affecting millions of people. Bulimia symptoms create significant impacts on a person’s life and can even cause death.

Stress Awareness Month – April 2018

Stress Awareness Month, April 2018, helps educate people on the effects of stress and how to cope in an effective manner.

What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a therapeutic intervention where several people with similar issues and struggles come together with one or more therapist to receive therapy, guidance, support, and/or coping skills.

Nutrition and Mental Health: March is American National Nutrition Month

You probably can’t turn on the television or open a magazine without seeing something on food choices and physical health. What is talked about far less frequently is the link between nutrition and mental health. Yet, there is much evidence to suggest diet is as important to mental health as it is physical health.

Highlighting Minority Masculinities

HPA/LiveWell’s Dr. Amina Mahmood was interviewed by Joshua Turner, M.S., a Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student at New Mexico State University. Joshua is conducting a series of interviews highlighting the work of psychologists whose research or practice examines work with minority men.